"We can all be great leaders if we have connection and commitment.  Both require an intimate understanding of ourselves." -- Laura Lopez
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Rave Reviews at all levels and functions for Laura’s Keynote Speaking:

Sales Leaders and Associates

“Laura’s program was super! I bring my heart to work everyday. Thanks for validating my view of leadership!” -- Deb Gannon, Director of Sales, Frito-Lay

“Applicable insights at all levels of leadership.” -- Donna Adam, Region Sales Manager, The Kellogg Company

“AHA moment: See everyone as you would like to be seen.” -- Margaret Novak, Sr. Key Account Manager, Frito-Lay

“Great insight for personal application and evaluation within my role as a leader.” -- Kelly Fosbery, Sales Representative, Kraft Foods

“I found Laura’s ability to speak openly of her mistakes refreshing.” -- Nicole Walter, District Sales Leader, Frito-Lay

“Laura’s program was very real. I enjoyed how Laura connected with real life and tied in her leadership skills and learning.” -- Dora Cortes-Boscan, Key Account Manager, PepsiCo

“As a frontline manager, I believe that Laura’s insights will help me grow into a connected and committed leader.” -- Katarina Georgiev, District Manager, Frito-Lay

Senior Leaders

“Great Enthusiasm. Good examples that bring it to life. Great inflection in voice, kept me captivated!” -- Staffing and Safety Leader, Frito-Lay

“Informative and practical.” -- Donna Serota, Sr. Business Manager, C+S Wholesalers

“Very good. Laura gives you a lot of great things to think about. The information allowed me to truly reflect on my leadership skills and the improvements that I can make.” -- Chris Fillmore, Senior Customer Business Manager

“Effective and engaging.” -- Susan Stege, Director Category Management, Dean Foods

“Excellent presentation, enjoyed the personal nature of Laura’s examples.” -- Chris Callieri, Director AT Kearney

“Laura’s program makes you look at yourself and grade yourself. It makes you think about your actions.” -- Martha Freitas, Human Resources Director, Kroger

“Great insights with real life examples.” -- Luis Urrutia, Managing Principal I&D Solutions

“I enjoyed Laura’s insights and personal examples. It takes a great deal of courage to make the life decisions she has made and be willing to share them.” -- Gladys Bernett, VP Eagle Asset Management

“Real Insights that are even more relevant in our global economy and that are especially applicable to our Latino culture.” -- Jose F. Guerra, President, L5 Source

Middle Managers

“Insightful – good real world examples.” -- Jennifer Johnson, National Category Sales Manager, Hormel Foods Corporation

“It was a useful and engaging view of leadership qualities. I liked Laura’s straight-forward discussion and practical descriptions of the insights.” -- Matias Mayor, Manager AT Kearney

“Laura’s program contained insights for individuals at all levels of management — relatable to everyone. Great!” -- Risa Cretella, Marketing Manager, The J.M. Smucker Company

“I really liked how Laura’s insights were short and sweet. I liked the fact that she used a lot of real examples.” -- Jorge Gomaz, Manager, AT Kearney

“Laura’s program was very insightful! I took away very tangible tips.” -- Audrey Brichi, Manager Strategy Planning and Coordination, Chevron Corporation

Laura’s interest and passion to teach effective leadership is commendable. Laura’s willingness to put her life examples out there is appreciated. She will have continued success and impact. -- Denise Andrews, COO and Managing Partner, Legacy Unlimited

“I liked Laura’s stories, examples from her professional and personal life.” -- Natalie Carter, Business Resource Director, Albuquerque Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Laura’s program is insightful and invigorating. I will definitely make the principles useful in my daily life. -- Kimberly Charles, New Business Development Manager, WSL Strategic Retail

“Laura’s personal story is very interesting and I liked how everyday home experiences can also be applicable in business. Thank you!” -- Claudia Sloan, Marketing Manager AZDHS

“Laura is a great speaker! Very engaging with the audience.” -- Laurie Dolan, Retail Solutions Manager, Johnson and Johnson

Entry Level Leaders

“Excellent! Truly enjoyed the program and Laura’s messages come through very clearly. Thank you.” -- Brigitte Gonzalez, Associate, Merrill Lynch

“Great program! I wish we could have had more time for an even longer session. Very applicable to my job.” -- Lucila Imperiale, Associate, AT Kearney

“Very good program. It encouraged me to look at the leaders in my organization and learn to look for traits/behaviors that I can emulate or avoid." -- Amanda Colisante, Business Analyst, Chevron

“Very insightful! Examples were very helpful.” -- Hector Gutierrez, Associate, AT Kearney

“I liked Laura’s personal examples and openness.” -- German Ortiz, Associate, AT Kearney

"Great presentation! As someone who is just entering the “leadership roles in business, Laura’s insights were practical and valuable. I like Laura’s approach. It’s inspiring to see someone of Laura’s accomplishments succeed with her lessons.” -- Shelpa Amaram, Consultant, Kalypso

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