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Branding Workshop:
"Express Your Life's Work"
Friday, March 23, 2012
2023 Arlington St.
Houston TX 77008

Developing and expressing your life’s work begins with a clear understanding of your strengths, values and passions.

The process of developing and expressing your life’s work will help you if:

• You are looking for that next opportunity
• You want to re-enter the workforce purposefully
• You want to start a "next chapter" in life and in your career
• You want to take where you are "to the next level"
• You want to effectively market and sell your skills and talents

This workshop will help you:

• Get clearer on your strengths and how to build a unique brand around them.
• Understand your most critical values driving your work.
• Tap into your passion and how to leverage it productively.

In this small, interactive workshop, you will:

1. Explore and understand your strengths using a high level Birkman Method assessment tool.

2. Identify values driving your behaviors.

3. Understand the underlying power of your passion.

3. Craft a life's work and brand positioning statement using these core strengths, values and passions.

4. Identify ways to build your thought leadership around your life's work offering to your target.

Limited to 8 participants
(tuition includes $30 applied to Birkman Method assessment.)

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Laura Lopez & Company
Phone: (713) 828-8829